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Data-driven solutions for foodservice manufacturers

About Us

Nearly five years ago, Food IQ set out to create the most analytically advanced solutions that would transform the way foodservice uses its data. Today, our services are used to drive growth for the most significant manufacturers, distributors, and operators in the industry.

Food IQ is an independent business of the Advantage Solutions company that works closely with foodservice clients.


Established technology that connects our insights directly to the field sales team — no more lists


Bundling data from leading manufacturers together to drive the most effective sales solutions


Fully firewalled data management systems that ensure data is properly secured


We provide our clients with solutions powered by advanced analytics to drive market-beating sales growth and new competitive advantages

Customer Targeting

Identifying the right product for the right operator at the right time

Category Assessment

Explaining the underlying market dynamics of a given category to find opportunities and risks

Assortment Optimization

Determining the optimal assortments of products to sell in a market

Trend Analysis

Using qualitative and quantitative data to give clients the foresight they need

Custom Research

Real-time exploratory research powered by mobile technology and the industry’s largest sales organization

Post Initiative Review

Using advanced text mining and language processing to draw conclusions from sales call feedback

Where to Play

Food IQ goes deep into a category to unlock hidden insights and identify opportunities and risks

How to Win

Food IQ works with clients and partners to determine our unique advantages versus our competition

Who to See

Food IQ builds probability-driven sales execution plans and delivers them directly to the sales team’s dashboards

How’d We Do

Food IQ links targets to outcomes to understand the “why?” and “why not?” behind the performance


Food IQ is led by veterans in the foodservice industry who have worked in broker, distributor and manufacturer businesses, so collectively they truly understand the value of data-driven decision making to improve execution and innovation.

Matt Ward

Managing Director

Education: Wharton, Penn Engineering, Georgia Tech

Experience: Grey, VML (Biggs Gilmore), Market Force

Fun Fact: Matt's high school rock band opened for Survivor and he still brags about it today.

Chris Sporcic

Business Intelligence Developer

Education: University of Washington, BA in Business Admin

Experience: Nestle USA, Salescentric Reporting, Waypoint

Fun Fact: Play around with CAD for a hobby and operate a CNC router in my garage.

Devin Doughty

Sr. Client Business Analyst

Education: University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Tennessee

Experience: Professional sports organizations, KeyImpact, Channel IQ (Market Track), Butterball

Fun Fact: I’ve lived in twelve cities across eight states before settling in Las Vegas.

Sandra Hong

Business Analyst

Education: University of Illinois - Champaign Urbana

Experience: Kraft Foods, Mondelez

Fun Fact: I'm a big foodie, and have been a yelp elite for the past 3 years.

Thomas Kaufmann

Data Analyst

Education: Rice University, University of Texas

Experience: Service Bureau in the Direct Marketing area, Retail, Catalog, Banking, Insurance, Retail Energy, and Food Service

Fun Fact: Mrs. Baird’s sons delivered bread to Thomas’ great-grandfathers corner grocery in Fort Worth, TX.

Raigan Mayo

Category Management Business Analyst

Education: MBA – American Intercontinental University

Experience: Foodservice and Retail – IMA, Whole Foods Market, & Restaurants

Fun Fact: Every year I play in 7 Fantasy Football Leagues.

Frankesca Brown

Category Management Analyst

Education: University of Houston

Experience: Independent Marketing Alliance (IMA)

Fun Fact: I’m a Dallas Cowboys and Beyoncé fan for life.

Katie MacNeill

Category Management Analyst

Education: University of South Florida

Experience: Tmesys, Southeast Sales & Marketing, Progress Energy Florida, and Waypoint

Fun Fact: I am a native Floridian.

Brooklynn Hartmann

Category Management Analyst

Education: University of Missouri

Experience: Anheuser-Busch, Mike’s Hard Lemonade/White Claw

Fun Fact: I am named after a Besties Boys song

Carol Schiro

Category Management Analyst

Education: Ferris State University

Experience: Bimbo Frozen Foodservice, Wholesome Harvest Baking, and various Ad Agencies

Fun Fact: Loves the outdoors and is training for her first 5K

Mickey Thompson

Category Management Analyst

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Math and Science

Experience: Over 20 years of experience in Category Management, Sales, and Replenishment

Fun Fact: I have two children, my son Jaydon is 14 and my daughter Adalyn is 9 months old

Sam DeVane

Category Management Analyst

Education: Colorado College

Experience: Data Analyst and Insurance Industry

Fun Fact: I began to love data analysis through fantasy sports by building a model for evaluating NFL players

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